Defining Your Travel Experience

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Before you even sit down to plan the budget for your trip, you need to determine where you and possibly your family or partner (friend or group) plan to go. This is not simply about drawing a name out of the air. You need to understand what motives you have or the specific nature of the trip you plan to take. Knowing what exactly you want will help you decide on your vacation destination.

Sit down alone and draw up a list – not of destinations or specific places, but of definite types or kinds of travel you prefer. Categorize the nature of the activity or character motivating the choice. Your list may fit into any of the following categories.

Here is a fun way to decided on where to vacation at. Its a Where should I go on Vacation Test

Try it out and see where it takes you!

  • Adventure Trips involving doing things or becoming involved in events beyond the normal realm of your experience.


  • Exploration Holidays where you can backpack across a desert, climb a mountain, take a trek across a country. These are vacations that allow you to explore the natural and built environment.


  • Relaxation Do whatever makes you feel totally relaxed. It must put you in a frame of mind and leave you without a single care or a worry.This may be possible in your back yard or at an elaborate resort or simple cottage. It differs from person to person.


  • Fun-in-the sun Sun bathing, swimming, playing on the sand. Simple beach bumming.


  • Active Beach life This includes surfing, para sailing, jet skiing, water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports.


  • Partying This is self-explanatory.


  • Culture/Literature/Educational Heading to places where the agenda includes museums, art galleries, fine art and even finer architecture, as well as science centers, aquariums, zoos and other such educational and cultural sights or attractions.


  • Getaways Leaving your home for a period of time to do anything to escape the ordinary.

Each of these types of experiences has its own appeal. They differ from person to person. You need to consider which interest you the most then move on to the next items: weather and temperature.

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